Apex Legends – Nemesis Weapon Guide

Apex Legends Season 16: Revelry has introduced some major changes to the game, including a revamped legend class system, some serious nerfs and buffs, and new permanent game modes. But instead of a new legend debuting alongside Season 16, another new addition to Apex Legends is mixing up the meta this season: the Nemesis, an energy assault rifle that packs a serious punch.Despite its ominous moniker, the Nemesis is only going to cause you trouble when you’re standing in its line of fire. But once you really get to know Apex’s newest gun, you’ll soon find that Nemesis makes an excellent sidekick. Perfect for those desperate moments when your whole squad is knocked and you’re facing two enemies alone, Nemesis’ ability to deal devastating damage in a short amount of time makes it ideal for facing enemies when the odds are stacked against you. But a beast as powerful as Nemesis can only reach its full potential when tamed, and the weapon can initially be a bit hard to control. Keep reading for a full breakdown of Apex’s newest weapon–including tips on how to tame this shield-shredding beast.

The Basics

Name: NemesisDebut: Season 16Type: assault rifleAmmo: energyManufacturer: The Sisters/Ramya ParekhAttachments: Barrel Stabilizer, Standard Stock, Extended Energy MagazineSights: 1x HCOG Classic, 1X Holo, 2X HCOG Bruiser, 1x-2x Variable Holo, 3x HCOG Ranger, 2x-4x Variable AOGEvidently based on a design that was stolen from Rampart, the Nemesis has a unique burst-fire feature. Unlike the L-STAR, overheating Nemesis will actually improve the weapon’s performance. The longer you fire the weapon, the more it warms up, firing more rapidly as it reaches its peak firing speed. Nemesis begins to cool down once your finger is off its trigger, but the cooldown isn’t instant, so pulling the trigger regularly will ensure the weapon is at its peak rate of fire when in use.


Play an Assault legend

Apex’s new class system has changed the way each legend interacts with various in-game items, like Care Packages and Survey Beacons. But the Assault class stands out as it is one of only two legend classes that have two class perks (the other being the Controller class). Assault legends can access Weapon Supply Bins, new red loot boxes that are scattered around each map and contain Smart Loot. Like the IMC Armories on Storm Point, Weapon Supply Bins have a Smart Loot system that ensures players will only receive loot they can use, like attachments for weapons they’re currently using. A fully-kitted Nemesis is truly a force to be reckoned with, so you’ll want to hop on those Weapon Supply Bins (and IMC Armories) as often as you can.The second Assault class perk allows players to carry an extra stack of 20 ammo in their backpack, which is definitely something Nemesis users should take advantage of. Due to the fact that the weapon is most effective when warmed up, players may find that they use more ammo than they typically would because they fire the Nemesis longer and more often than other weapons.The Assault class has two perks that can make Nemesis even deadlier.The Assault class has two perks that can make Nemesis even deadlier.

Beware frequent fire

Speaking of keeping the Nemesis warmed up, make sure you’re not firing it in situations that require your squad to stay hidden–it’s better to be alive with a « cold » Nemesis than dead with a fully warmed-up weapon sitting in your deathbox. If you’re camping somewhere or your squad is trying to secure a building, don’t fire Nemesis just to get it warmed up. Giving away your position is easy to do, and Nemesis’ unique gunfire sound can draw in enemies who want to get their hands on your weapon. Don’t let yourself be caught off-guard, and don’t fire until the enemy engages you.But if you find yourself in the middle of a chaotic battle with multiple squads, popping off extra shots to keep Nemesis warmed up will give you an advantage. A warmed-up Nemesis can make quick work of multiple enemies, even when you’re outnumbered. Just make sure you’re not in the middle of reloading when you face them and you’ll be wiping squads left and right.

Never stop moving

Because the Nemesis is so deadly when warmed-up, you’ll often find yourself holding down the trigger longer than you might with another weapon, so take advantage of the Assault class perk and stock up on extra energy ammo. Nemesis can spit out quite a bit of damage before needing to be reloaded, and this gives you a little more room to focus on movement during a firefight. If your shield is broken and your health is low, even a fully-kitted gold Nemesis won’t save you, so make sure you’re doing everything you can to dodge bullets. Testing the Nemesis out on the Firing Range dummies is a great way to get some practice in and make sure you’re able to nail a headshot while also avoiding damage. Nemesis is at its most deadly when placed in the hands of a player who can hit a moving target while also being a moving target.

Go long!

One of the Nemesis’ best features is its flexibility in combat. When it comes to sights, Nemesis can use almost all of them–the only close-range sight that can’t be equipped is the 1x Digital Threat sight. Every other close- and mid-range sight can be equipped–including the 2x-4x Variable AOG, giving players the ability to take out enemies from a great distance. The only long-range weapon attachments Nemesis can’t use are the 6x Sniper, the 4x-8x Variable Sniper, and the 4x-10x Digital Sniper Threat sights.Firing Range dummies can now hunt players, but mid-range scopes make firing from afar much easier.Firing Range dummies can now hunt players, but mid-range scopes make firing from afar much easier.But despite its adaptability, Nemesis isn’t a sniper rifle, and you’ll be better off taking out long-range targets using long-range weapons. But if you find yourself sniperless and you’re getting clipped by a far-off enemy’s bullets, being able to slap a mid-range scope on Nemesis is incredibly convenient, and will frequently get you out of sticky situations you otherwise might not survive. If you’re struggling to find a sniper, make sure you’ve at least got a mid-range scope in your backpack. That way, if trouble is on the horizon, you can just switch out your close-range sights for a 3x or 4x sight and start taking out your enemies from a safe distance.

Hold on tight

Even with a purple Barrel Stabilizer and Standard Stock equipped, Nemesis can be a bit hard to control. When fired, the weapon tends to drift up and to the right, but begins swaying horizontally as it warms up. To land shots–especially long-range shots–you’ll want to start out aiming slightly down and to the left to compensate for the sway. Taking some time to visit the Firing Range is the best way to practice improving your aim. Using the settings menu, the Firing Range’s target practice dummies can be instructed to walk, run, crouch, chase, and shoot at players. This provides an excellent opportunity to practice on lifelike targets without destroying your K/DR.The ability to customize target dummies' behavior makes Firing Range practice even more useful.The ability to customize target dummies’ behavior makes Firing Range practice even more useful.

Play it smart

As previously mentioned, the game’s Weapon Supply Bins are a boon for Nemesis users, making Assault legends the best option to pair with this powerful new weapon. The new Smart Loot feature included in said Supply Bins makes it much easier to obtain the attachments you’ll need to make the most of Nemesis. But if you absolutely hate playing Assault legends and prefer to stick with a legend from a different class, you’ll still want to access Storm Point’s IMC Armories whenever you can, as clearing out an armory will unlock Supply Bins that also use the Smart Loot system.

Fight to the death(match)

Although the Firing Range dummies’ recent upgrade has improved their performance, the best way to get the hang of just about anything in Apex is to practice with actual humans. You can bring friends to the Firing Range and turn on the friendly fire setting, but if you want a real Nemesis 101 crash course (or just have no friends), your best bet is to get up close and personal with the enemy, and there is no better way to do that than the recently introduced team deathmatch mode.Though there’s not much opportunity for long-range combat practice in TDM, the Nemesis still shines, as TDM’s cramped, chaotic battles mean you’re almost always in a situation where you need to be shooting, thus the Nemesis is 100% warmed up (or close to it) for the entire match. TDM loadout options change, so you won’t always have access to the Nemesis in this mode, but when you can get your hands on it, you’ll be mowing down enemies like they’re Firing Range dummies. Just make sure you don’t end up on the other end of a Nemesis–it hits hard and fast. Engage enemy TDM players with caution if you see or hear them wielding one.Once you get the hang of it, Nemesis will soon become your best friend. It’s excellent for evening the odds when you find yourself outnumbered, or using cover fire to buy your squad a few more precious seconds to heal up. Its ability to engage enemies in both close quarters and at a distance truly makes it shine, and combining it with certain legend abilities–like Ash’s Arc Snare, Catalyst’s Piercing Spikes, and Caustic’s barrels of noxious gas–will spell certain death for your enemies.Apex Legends is free to play on console and PC. A mobile version of the game, Apex Legends Mobile, is available to play on Android and iOS devices, but will be sunset on May 1.Apex Legends Fourth Anniversary Collection Event – All Cosmetics And RewardsSee More

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