Apex Legends Season 14 Patch Notes Put Self-Revive Shield In A Deathbox

Apex Legends Season 14 Patch Notes Put Self-Revive Shield In A Deathbox

Respawn Entertainment just released the patch notes for Apex Legends’ upcoming season, Hunted. The new season brings with it a multitude of buffs, nerfs, and equipment changes (not to mention a new character). When combined, these new features are guaranteed to upend the game’s current meta. But while some players may be thrilled with the game’s new developments, others may be displeased with the changes to longstanding game mechanics, especially the changes made to the Legendary-tier knockdown shield and backpack perks.The patch notes do confirm a series of rumored additions to the game, including a level cap increase, a new battle pass, and a facelift for Kings Canyon (including the return of Skull Town, a POI that was very popular until Loba destroyed it in Season 5). But the Season 14: Hunted update will include even more drastic gameplay changes–some of which may leave players in shock. Here’s a closer look at the patch notes for Apex Legends Season 14: Hunted.

WeaponsThere are a lot of weapon changes in this update, but here are some of the most important ones:Barrel mod slot has been removed from Pistols and SMGs, replaced with new Laser SightsG7 Scout and Volt SMG leaving the Care PackageRampage and Bocek Compound Bow entering Care Package, Bocek getting buffedCAR SMG and Wingman pistol removed from ReplicatorDevotion LMG and RE-45 (with Hammerpoints) entering ReplicatorEVA-8 shotgun now takes stocks, and has been significantly reworkedG7 Scout and Mastiff getting nerfsSpitfire now takes light ammo and light magazinesWingman now takes sniper ammo and sniper magazinesSniper ammo now comes in boxes of 14 rounds, allowing for a total of 28 stacked rounds per inventory spaceSkullpiercer hop-up returning to loot pool30-30 Repeater is now compatible with the Skullpiercer hop-up, the Dual Loader hop-up is now automatically built-inDeadeye’s Tempo removed from floor loot while Bocek is in Care Package, but is now a built-in feature of the SentinelGearGuardian Angel perk removed from Legendary (gold) backpack, replaced with Deep Pockets* perkSelf-Revive perk removed entirely, Guardian Angel perk transferred to Legendary (gold) knockdown shieldArc star stick damage reduced from 40 to 10, but detonation damage increased from 70 to 75(*Deep Pockets allows players to stack three Shield Batteries, three Med Kits, and two Phoenix Kits, creating extra room for each type of major healing item.)LegendsValkyrie is receiving major nerfs this season, with everything from her fuel consumption, acceleration speed, Skyward Dive speed, and Missile Swarm being taken down a few notches.Newcastle has been heavily buffed, with his shield health, movement speed, and teammate revival abilities all being improved.Mad Maggie is getting a desperately needed buff, and all of her abilities–especially her Wrecking Ball–are getting a little TLC in this season’s update.Mirage (and all of his decoys) are getting bug fixes, and his decoys should now register properly when interacting with legends who have scanning abilities, like Seer.Crypto’s Ultimate ability now destroys Wattson’s Pylons.Vantage, Caustic, and Horizon show off their Season 14 battle pass lootVantage, Caustic, and Horizon show off their Season 14 battle pass lootThese are just a small sample of the many changes that will come to Apex Legends when Season 14: Hunted launches on August 9 at 10 AM PT / 1 PM ET. Stay tuned for more coverage of the upcoming season of Apex Legends, and check out the full patch notes below:REFORGED KINGS CANYON UPDATEIn Season 5, Skull Town and Thunderdome were sunk by a massive explosion caused by Loba. Now that the Salvage operation is complete, the Syndicate has rebuilt the area for the Apex Games. Dredging machines have refilled the space with sand from the ocean floor, and a new battleground has been rebuilt with the iconic skull as its centerpiece. Read the full breakdown of the map update for Kings Canyon here.LEVEL CAP INCREASEPlayers can now level past account level 500 through 3 additional tiers of 500 levels bringing the effective level maximum to Level 500 Tier 3. This increase adds 345 additional Apex Packs earnable via account leveling, and ensures that everyone can earn an heirloom just by playing the game. The total number of Apex Packs earnable via account leveling is now 544.BATTLE PASSCertain Battle Pass challenges can now be completed in either Battle Royale or non-Battle Royale modes, giving you the flexibility to complete the Battle Pass your way.PATCH NOTESSEASON 13 RANKED RESULTSFor Split 1 of Season 13, we have the following max tier distribution among players who played more than 10 hours of Ranked (versus Season 12’s Split 1):10.80% Bronze (0%)28.78% Silver (3.78%)44.45% Gold (25.12%)14.60% Platinum (39.52%)1.25% Diamond (26.63%)0.10% Master & Apex Predator (4.95%)As of August 2nd 2022, we have the following max tier distribution among players in Split 2 who played more than 10 hours of Ranked (versus Season 12’s Split 2):2.22% Bronze (0.01%)15.22% Silver (4.28%)41.50% Gold (25.48%)32.57% Platinum (42.80%)8.05% Diamond (23.56%)0.45% Master & Apex Predator (3.87%)14.0 Ranked ChangesEntry Cost: +5 to all.Kill RP: Removed diminishing returns on eliminations .Rank Reset: No change. Resuming ranked reset of 6 divisions.BALANCE UPDATESLaser SightsNew attachment to replace barrels for SMGs and Pistols.Reduced hipfire spread.Crate RotationG7 Scout returns to the floor.Volt SMG returns to the floor.Bocek Compound Bow enters the crate.Rampage LMG enters the crate.Crafting RotationWingman returns to the floor.CAR SMG returns to the floor.Devotion LMG enters the crafter.RE-45 + Hammerpoint combo enters the crafter.Gold Weapon RotationLongbow DMR, G7 Scout, Mozambique, R-99, HemlokSMGsBase hipfire spread increased.Assault RiflesBase hipfire spread increased.EVA-8Recoil improvements.Now takes stocks.Removed 1 pellet from blast pattern.Fire rate increased to 2.3 from 2.0.Pellet damage increased to 7 from 6.Bolt rate of fire bonuses increased. White: 1.1 to 1.1.Blue: 1.15 to 1.2.Purple: 1.2 to 1.3.Bocek Compound BowDamage at full draw increased to 70 from 60.Tempo draw speed increased to 0.38 from 0.32.Shattercaps pellet damage increased to 12 from 11.Fired arrows can no longer be collected.Arrows spawns have been removed from the floor.Rampage LMGDamage increased to 28 from 26.Rampage comes with a Thermite Grenade.Volt SMGDamage reduced to 15 from 17.CAR SMGNo longer takes barrel attachments.G7 ScoutDamage reduced to 34 from 36.Headshot multiplier reduced to 1.75 from 2.0.Double Tap hop-up burst fire delay increased to 0.4 from 0.375.LSTARIncreased projectile speed.Increased number of shots before overheat at base to 24 from 20.Removed bright red flash when hitting non-armored targets.RE-45Increased ironsight FOV to 70 to be consistent with other pistols.Increased strafe speed by 5% to be consistent with other pistols.WingmanWingman now uses sniper ammo and magazines.Sniper AmmoSniper ammo inventory stack increased to 28 from 24.Sniper ammo boxes now contain 14 rounds instead of 12.SpitfireRecoil adjustments to increase vertical barrel climb.Spitfire now uses light ammo and magazines.30-30 RepeaterDual Loader has been worked into the base 30-30 Repeater.Now takes Skullpiercer Rifling.MastiffProjectile growth reduced.Base fire rate reduced to 1.1 from 1.2.Dual Loader removed.SentinelDeadeye’s Tempo has been worked into the base Sentinel.Hop-UpsDouble Tap Adds burst fire mode to EVA-8 and G7 Scout.Skullpiercer 35% headshot damage increase on Longbow, Wingman and 30-30 Repeater.Removed Deadeye’s Tempo & Shatter Caps from floor loot.Boosted Loader has been reduced to Epic quality from Legendary.Backpack Gold PerkNew Perk: Deep Pockets.Deep Pockets: Large medical supplies stacks higher in your inventory. Batteries and Medkits now stack to 3 in inventory.Phoenix Kits now stack to 2 in inventory.Knockdown Shield Gold PerkNew Perk: Guardian Angel (Previous Backpack Perk).Self Revive removed from the game.Arc StarReduced stick damage on armor to 10 from 40.Remove aim slow on stick, remains on detonation.Detonation damage increased to 75 from 70.Explosive HoldsAdded Blue attachments to possible spawns.Added Laser Sights to the pool.Reduced spawn rate of gold magazines.LEGENDSValkVTOL JetsAcceleration on activation decreased by about 8%.Fuel consumption on activation increased by 33%.Aerial boosting & strafing take a 20% debuff when hit by slowing effects.Added a third orange state to the fuel meter UI between green (>60%) and red (<30%).Missile SwarmAim/turn slow removed.Move slow duration decreased from 2.5s -> 2.0s.Reducing the explosion radius from 175 -> 125.Skyward DiveHeight reduction of 25%.Launch time reduced from 5.5s -> 5.0s. Coupled with the height reduction, players in Valk ult now travel upward at a slightly slower speed.HorizonBlack Hole: Adjustments to N.E.W.T’s hitbox to make destroying it more reliable.Black Hole: N.E.W.T. takes 50% more damage from explosives.WattsonImprovements to Perimeter Security placement system.NewcastleRetrieve the Wounded:Increased move speed during revive by 25%.Reduced turn slow while reviving by 50%.Increased White Knockdown shield health from 150 -> 200.Increase Blue Knockdown shield health from 250 -> 300.Mobile Shield:Increased hp from 350 -> 500Doubled max movement speed.Castle Wall:Added turn slow to electrical barrier effects and increased the severity of the slow effect to movement.Mad MaggieRiot Drill:Projectile Launch Speed doubled.Wrecking Ball: Will travel twice as far while dropping the same amount of magnets.Duration increased from 5 sec → 10 sec.Magnet Spawn delay increased from 0.4 sec → 0.8 sec.Wrecking Ball will deal damage to enemy placeable objects: Black Market, Castle Walls, Exhibit, Death Totem, Mobile Shield, Black Hole, Amped Cover, and Gas Barrels. It will also destroy Gibraltar’s Dome of Protection.Fixed Wrecking Ball not blinding and slowing enemies.RampartNow ignores friendly collision on Amped Cover placement (i.e. placing walls around teammates will feel more smooth).CausticFixed gas ramping bug where transitioning from friendly to enemy gas would initially damage for more than intended.MirageMirage Decoys will now be scanned by Valk when skydiving.Mirage Decoys will now be picked up by Seer’s Heart Seeker.Fixed a bug where Mirage Decoys were picked up by Seer’s Exhibit as AI and not players.RevenantDeath Totem will now show a placement preview when activated instead of placing immediately.CRAFTING UPDATETeam-Use Harvesters: When any player interacts with a Materials Harvester, all players in their team will be given the Materials..Removed Shatter Rounds from crafting.Removed Hammerpoints from base crafting and added to RE-45 Weapon Craft.Heavy, Energy, and Sniper mags price increased from to 35 from 25.Laser Sight added to crafting: 25 materials.Stock and Barrel price reduced to 25 from 35.Added Skullpiercer Rifling Hop-Up to crafting.Added Double Tap Trigger Hop-Up to crafting.Added Kinetic Feeder Hop-Up to crafting.Increased Shotgun Bolt price from to 30 from 25.Reduced 2-4x ACOG optic price to 30 from 35.MAPSThe maps rotating for public matches during Hunted are; Kings Canyon, World’s Edge, and Storm Point.ALL BATTLE ROYALE MAPSReplicators and Crafting Materials have been rebalanced across the maps.Ring Adjustments: Ring 1 Damage increase from 2 to 3 hp/tick (equivalent to Ring 2)Ring 1 Preshrink Time decreased from 180s to 60s.Ring 1 Closing Time: Kings Canyon – 4:10 -> 4:32World’s Edge – 3:42 -> 4:32Storm Point – 4:15 -> 4:35Olympus – 4:10 -> 4:32WORLD’S EDGERemoved some frustrating final rings at Staging that were causing heal offs.Fragment East Loot buffed from Low Tier to Medium. .Added OOB to west rocks at Lava Siphon.QUALITY OF LIFENew Mode/Map name UI element on load screen and start flow.“Winning” and “Champion” tags added to the scoreboard.Added ability to use “tap” interact prompts when they conflict with “hold” (e.g. reloading near downed teammates is now a lot more reliable on controller).Added flourish to the crafting materials in the top right of the HUD when they increase.Added a flourish to items if they become craftable while in the crafting station UI.Added accessibility switch for turning on and off TTS (Text-to-speech), defaulting to what your console or system has it set to (where available)When dropping from the dropship, the location of the POI player lands in is now displayed.BUG FIXESHipfire reticles now change size based on the FoVFixed bug where canceling a Lifeline revive would cancel it for other teammates also being revived by Lifeline.Fixed bug where players could not deal melee damage to Caustic Gas Barrels or Octanes Jump Pads.Fix for issue where the buy menu would close each time a teammate completes a purchase/and or closes the buy menu.Crypto’s Ultimate now destroys Wattson’s Pylon.Fix for issue where Crypto’s heirloom animation audio would play globally when using a survey beacon.Fix for issue where players could sometimes get stuck while crouched between a Replicator and Black Market after crafting.Fixed bug where players could not unlock the “Fully Kitted” badge.Fix for issue for Legends losing functionality like meleeing, using an ability, etc, while mantling.Fix for bug where players could not switch ammo types for the C.A.R. SMG.Newcastle – fix for issue where Newcastle could get stuck in their Ultimate animation while riding a zipline.Newcastle – fixed bug where throwables placed on a Mobile Shield would start floating after the Mobile Shield disappears.Newcastle – fix for cases where players wouldn’t take damage from ordnance or activate Caustic’s barrels when positioned between a Tactical Shield and its drone.Newcastle – fix for bug where throwable abilities placed on a Mobile Shield could float away after the Mobile Shield disappears.Wraith – fix for bug where Wraith would still take damage in the Ring while phasing.Fix for a reload bug with the Mastiff and 30-30 Repeater where players could not ADS until reloading animation was finished.Fixed bug where Crypto’s melee animations wouldn’t show his heirloom while in third person.Vending Machines in Big Maude now have buyer protection.Fixed an issue that could cause some stuttering and framerate spikes on consoles, especially PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S.Fix for bug where the Dropship would sometimes spawn players outside the ship.Fixed a bug where Heat Shields would disappear when placed under a respawn beacon, or mobile respawn beacon, and then the beacon was used.Fixed a bug where Pathfinder’s zipline would be destroyed if placed on top of a respawn beacon and then the beacon was used.Fix for cases when a Heat Shield could disappear when set under a Respawn Beacon that is activated.Fix for a bug where Mirage decoys would not show up on scan for a few Legends.Apex Legends is free to play on console and PC. A mobile version of the game, Apex Legends Mobile, is available for download on Android and iOS devices.Apex Legends’ Best In-Game Teasers, RankedSee More

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